Independent Curriculum

Offering a total curriculum

At Edge Grove we aim for a total curriculum; for excellence in all areas, allowing each child to reach his or her true potential. 

We have implemented the Independent Curriculum to ensure our pupils are encouraged to discover, apply and communicate their learning and understanding, to become independent thinkers, to grow in confidence whilst enjoying inspirational and creative teaching.  

What is the Independent Curriculum?

Please click here to watch a short film about the Independent Curriculum.

The Independent Curriculum is designed for use in independent prep and junior schools and offers teachers a programme of learning from Year 3 to Year 9 (Scholarship level at Edge Grove). The content is cohesive, incremental and focused on both preparation for senior independent school and preparation for life. 

The Independent Curriculum offers both academic rigour and creativity (the fact that these two things are not mutually exclusive is at the heart of its ethos) and prepares pupils fully for Common Entrance, whilst also delivering incredibly important cross-curricular learning skills and qualities for life with a greater emphasis on applying and communicating knowledge once it has been learned.

The Independent Curriculum understands that independent schools value their independence and have the right to teach the subjects they believe are important, and adopt the teaching methods which they judge to be most effective. By definition, independent schools are not bound to one statutory curriculum; rather they are able to select elements from a rich plethora of national and international curricula, strategies and schemes, and blend them with the customs and values of a traditional prep school education. 

However, many schools have asked for one curriculum which offers a clear and cohesive progression from Year 3 to Year 9 and which recognises the customs, values and common practices in prep and junior schools today. In short, one programme of study which gives prep and junior school teachers both the syllabus and schemes of work they need to ensure their pupils achieve entry into their first-choice senior schools and enjoy a creative, inspiring learning experience along the way. This is the premise behind the Independent Curriculum.

Qualities for Life

The Independent Curriculum 'Programmes for Learning' recognise the following qualities as the ultimate goals of a good education: 

• Curiosity

• Independent thinking

• Creativity

• Self-motivation

• Self-respect

• Confidence

• Discernment

• Resilience

• Tolerance & empathy

• Global awareness

These are not attainment targets in themselves; they are subjective and difficult to assess. However, it is these qualities which parents, teachers and ultimately employers would like to see in young people, and ultimately lead to happiness and fulfilment.