A Letter from Miss O’Hare, Deputy Head Academic

With an overall mean standardised score placing our pupil body one and half years ahead of the national average, and with the input of inspiring Edge Grove staff, it is perhaps hardly surprising that every year I look forward to hearing how our pupils have fared in their 11+ and 13+ assessments.

Over the past five years, Edge Grove pupils have been successful in gaining places to no less than 85 different senior schools, which best meet the needs of our individual pupils. The vast majority of these are some of the most academically selective schools in the country.

I was delighted therefore to hear this week that all of the girls that we recommended to take the St Albans High School 11+ have been invited back for second round interviews. Their admissions team were highly complimentary in their feedback on our girls and were particularly impressed by the performance of one girl whose maths results place her in the top 3% of the country and another girl whose performance places her in the top 0.5% INTERNATIONALLY!

This is a massive achievement for our girls and I am delighted  that they have fared so well at such a critical time. It is a huge credit to our teaching staff from the Pre-School, across the Pre Prep to the Lower and Upper Schools, all of whom have contributed towards their educational journeys.

Preparation will now focus on interview practice, at which our pupils generally excel, due to the breadth of their Edge Grove experience and their strongly individual and characterful approach to life.

I look forward to being able to celebrate more future school achievements with you over the coming weeks, including sharing our scholarship successes at both 11+ and 13+.