Middle Department Day

The Middle Department Day typically starts with Registration at 0825 followed by Form Time or Assembly, depending on day of the week.

0730 Optional breakfast in the Main Dining Room (extra charge applies)
0800-0825 Drop Off
0825 Registration
0830 Assembly or Form Time
0900 Lessons
1000-1030 Morning Break and Snack
1030-1200 Lessons
1230 Lunchtime and Break
1330-1600 Lessons
1600-1620 Form Time
1620 End of the School Day – collection or snack for those attending After School Activities
1730 Final Pick Up

Most lessons for Year 3 and 4 pupils take place in their classrooms (including Modern Foreign Languages, taught by subject specialist teachers), although they will move around the School for other specialist lessons (Music, Art, D&T, and IT) which take part in different parts of the School. Year 3 and 4 continue to have timetabled Forest School sessions each week.

In Year 5, pupils adopt a more “senior school” timetable, moving around the School for all their lessons, which are all taught by subject-specialist staff – which stands will child in great stead for their move to senior school, at the end of Year 6 or Year 8.

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