Pupil progress is assessed in every lesson by the teacher; these informal assessments are used to form the basis of future teaching and learning. Pupils are formally assessed each year for potential and progress through GL Assessment’s Cognitive Ability Tests and Progress Tests for maths and English, up to Year 7. These assessments, supported regular in class assessments, provide the basis for our tracking of pupil progress. As pupils begin to prepare for a wider range of formal examinations as part of their route to their future school, we introduce and measure progress using more formal assessments in all academic subjects. This prepares our pupils with the experience of sitting a formal exam, with the focus being on creating a positive atmosphere where pupils can achieve of their best.
The wealth of assessment data produced by our informal and formal assessments allow us to give clear targets to pupils as to how they can further improve. These are reviewed regularly both by subject teachers and form tutors. Cross Curricular Writing targets ensure that the expectations of English are maintained across all curriculum subjects.
Written reports are published online to parents twice a year in addition to parents’ evenings where subject specialist teachers and form tutor can be met with. Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with their child’s teachers and staff are always willing to meet with parents, should the need arise.