During what has been challenging and uncertain times we believe it is essential that we maintain the strong sense of community which is such an important part of Edge Grove.  We have embraced this opportunity to innovate and develop new ways of working together and keeping in touch through our Continued Academic and Pastoral Provision (CAPP). Below you will find our CAPP booklet which outlines how teaching and learning has been delivered remotely and how pupils and parents have been supported throughout.

Our Continued Academic and Pastoral Provision provides:

  • Live lessons in Google Classroom combined with a comprehensive range of pre-recorded lessons
  • Real time interaction through Google Meet video conferencing
  • Marking of pupils’ work in the same structure that would happen in school (teachers will give feedback and continue to encourage self-reflection)
  • Timetables that follow our usual structure for the day including all subjects, tutor time and time for teachers to be on hand to lead the learning and give realtime feedback
  • Wellbeing support through our Flourish initiatives including daily focus tips and ideas for home use
  • Pastoral support through the School’s normal Circle of Care
  • A sense of community through excellent home-school communication, House events and weekly pupil and parent questionnaires
  • Continued Future Schools’ preparation

Although teachers and children weren’t present at school, our online academic and pastoral provision allowed them to follow our normal curriculum, think creatively, engage with others and continue to strive for excellence. Edge Grove continued to be a place where inquisitive minds flourish.

Click here to view our 2021 CAPP booklet.