Edge Grove Diploma

In line with the School’s Mission, the child-centred, pupil-led Edge Grove Diploma has taken the strongest elements of the Baccalaureate and created an innovative, dynamic Diploma: the vehicle for Senior Department pupils to drive their personal success during this three year programme. The Diploma is a unique opportunity for pupils to foster a sense of genuine leadership and quiet confidence that will develop their vision of who they want to be, and nurture skills that will help them tackle the challenges of Senior education and the workplace that lie ahead.

The Diploma comprises seven Divisions offering a wide range of academic, pastoral, and co-curricular activities:

Academic Curiosity
Charitable Giving
Future Aspirations
Global Understanding
Presentation and Oracy
Service to the School
Teamwork and Collaboration

Each Division comprises a range of Elements that challenge pupils to extend their learning and develop their skills beyond the classroom setting. Forward thinking and interpersonal, the Diploma is grounded in developing integrity; our sixteen Edge Grove Values and the ten World Economic Forum skills underpin the Divisions.

Each Element has a potential number of Credits available, in accordance with the time or commitment required for completion. Pupils who approach with zeal and sincerity can be rewarded with the maximum number of Credits. This is a creative, pupil-led initiative, so the Elements are not restricted or exhaustive; pupils are encouraged to approach relevant members of staff and the Head of Diploma to discuss their original ideas and possible accreditation.

A pupil’s Form Teacher will be their champion, regularly checking in with them, encouraging them to strive for the best, and supporting them in liaising with the staff who can support them. Pupils will also have regular progress meetings with the Head of Diploma, who will be the central point of liaison for fair and confident moderation.

"Designed to foster independent learning and provide opportunities to take on challenges, it is universally popular among pupils who couldn’t wait to tell us about the diploma’s value, explaining that it makes them feel responsible for evaluating and improving their skills."

Good Schools Guide 2024

“Pupils enjoy excellent levels or achievement, particularly in entrance examinations and scholarships to selective senior schools”

ISI Report 2023

Bronze, Silver or Gold Edge Grove awards are presented upon the completion of the Diploma, when pupils leave the Senior Department at the end of Year 8. For those leaving at 11+ who have shown outstanding independence, integrity and inspiration, discretionary prizes may be awarded.

By fully applying themselves to expected Edge Grove activities (such as the English Conference, House Competitions, or the Christmas Fair Fundraising Challenge) throughout the programme, all pupils have the opportunity to earn a Bronze Award. Through independent commitment and drive, pupils can strive for Silver and Gold. We don’t rule out the possibility of a Platinum Award for those who really go the extra mile.

A huge advantage of Academic life in the Edge Grove Senior Department is our purposefully small class sizes. With a strong focus on Academic Pride, pupils are stretched and challenged to exceed expectations. The Diploma rewards pupils for their effort in lessons, with End of Year Effort Grades contributing to Credits.

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