Yoga is promoted at Edge Grove as part of the academic day and as an after-school activity.

Building self-awareness, strength and flexibility of mind and body, yoga is a discipline we actively promote so that pupils can experience and benefit from an activity that can be enjoyed throughout life.

As a valuable contributor to physical and mental health and wellbeing through in building self-awareness, strength and flexibility of mind and body yoga is key component of our Flourish Programme.  Our trained Rainbow Yoga teaching staff share techniques that assist focus, concentration and composure that for incorporation into the school day.

Yoga is offered as an after school activity for Years 3 to 8. Classes are a fun way for pupils to develop a variety of skills that help create and support health and wellbeing in a nurturing, non-competitive environment.

Yoga practices:

Posture, breathing, relaxation, mediation


Mind/body awareness Self-regulation Physical Behaviour
Mindfulness Stress Flexibility Mood
Attention Emotions Strength Relationships
Concentration Resilience Balance Wellbeing
Cognition Respiritory function Physical performance