May 27, 2024

Derivation Detectives – Year 7 Latin Trip

Year 7 recently embarked on an unusual school Latin trip… to Sainsbury’s!

Pupils had 45 minutes to navigate the store and find as many Latin and Greek derivations in product names as they could. With only “Venus razors” and “Magnum ice cream” as inspiration, the pupils amazed me with their etymology skills.

Some of my favourite of their finds are listed below:

  • An Optimus Prime toy (optimus = best Latin, primus = first Latin)
  • A Mars bar (Mars = Roman god of war)
  • Felix cat food (felix = lucky, feline = cat Latin)
  • Dentastix dog chews (dens = teeth Greek)
  • Aquafresh toothpaste (aqua = water Latin)

Every pupil represented Edge Grove impeccably, with multiple Sainsbury’s staff members commenting on their mature conduct and competitive drive to find the most derivations! They have earned a group commendation for their behaviour.

Miss O’Sullivan
Head of Classics