Pastoral Care

The House System

The Houses at Edge Grove serve as pillars of support, providing a unique vertical integration from the youngest learners to those in Year 8. This structure not only promotes a cohesive community spirit but also provides a nurturing environment where each child develops a strong sense of belonging

Through the collective purpose of the House system, children are encouraged to contribute actively to the broader life of Edge Grove. By way of friendly competitions, collaborative projects, and shared responsibilities, the children learn the value of teamwork and cooperation

Within their Houses, pupils form strong bonds and friendships with other children across a number of year groups, and experience an enormous sense of belonging, camaraderie, loyalty and pride. The House is led Head of House, who is a member of the teaching staff, and senior pupils are appointed House Captains each term, which is a huge honour and a great opportunity to learn and hone leadership skills.

There is a real sense of togetherness within each House as children throughout the School work together to build up House points during the course of the year, via an extensive range of House competitions like Sports Day, Swimming Galas, Edge Grove’s Got Talent, Pancake Races and House Art Competitions. The ultimate aim of each House is to win the House Shield which is presented by the Head in the last assembly of each term.

Siblings go into the same House as each other, as do children/grandchildren of Old Edgegrovians.


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