Pastoral Care


We expect Edge Grove pupils to behave well so that everyone can take advantage of the opportunities available. Good manners and consideration for others are non-negotiable, and, whilst we firmly believe that it’s ok to make mistakes, reflection is vital and we encourage our children to talk openly about their mistakes and discover how they can ensure they don’t make the same mistakes again.

Pupils learn from a very young age to develop the behavioural skills which will equip them to build positive future relationships. Our pupils learn how to resolve disagreements and problems when they arise; teachers’ role is to educate pupils to understand how their behaviour affects others and its impact on others, supporting them to identify ways in which they can put right any wrong they may have caused.

Restorative practice focuses on building positive relationships based on responsibility, respect and fairness. This in turn creates a community that is supportive, accountable and respectful. We believe that every individual is responsible for their own behaviour.

The restorative framework is based upon ‘Knowing the effect that I have on others’.  Rather than focusing on punishing poor behaviour which impedes individuals from taking responsibility for their actions, we believe that behavioural incidents provide pupils with an opportunity to reflect on their relationships with others and learn more positive ways to repair harm. Pupils and adults work together to model positive behaviour and develop positive and meaningful relationships with colleagues and pupils. When positive relationships develop and people connect, individuals are less likely to cause harm to others or choose to damage relationships. 

Form Teachers are the first point of contact between parents and School. They monitor the social, physical, intellectual and emotional progress of pupils in their forms, liaising as necessary with parents, individual staff or the whole staff body to ensure that needs are being met, that they are are happy and making progress.  You can read our Behaviour Policy here

"Pupils from a young age have an excellent understanding that the decisions they make are important determinants of their own success and wellbeing"

ISI Report, 2023