Forest School focuses on an approach to learning that maximises the emotional, social and developmental benefits of education.

Young people are stimulated by the outdoors and typically experience, over time, an increase in their self-belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication and problem solving skills and emotional wellbeing.

At Edge Grove we make full use of our country setting to provide a superb outdoor learning environment, where, throughout the year children can participate in forest school and enjoy a range of experiences unique to nature – they connect with the environment, come rain or shine, and as any observer will see, enjoy every minute.

Learning in a natural, and perhaps the richest, environment there is, the great outdoors, children are encouraged to investigate, explore and discover thereby  encouraging and fostering curiosity, independent thinking and free expression.

Through participating in a wide variety of ‘hands on’ activities children are able to set objectives, achieve goals and experience success which has a positive impact on their experience of learning short and long term.

The forest setting offers a multitude of ways to focus on and use the senses, raising awareness of surroundings and self-awareness in relation to thoughts, feelings and responses to experiences.  Raising awareness of the senses combined with the use of mindfulness techniques encourages and enables pupils to direct their attention to experiences as they unfold with curiosity and acceptance, taking learning to another level.

Taking advantage of the beautiful grounds at Edge Grove, our Nursery to Year 4 pupils have the opportunity of being taught the Forest School curriculum.

Each year group in the Pre-Prep experiences a half termly block of two hour sessions each week that is included in their weekly timetable.

Pupils love the experience of sitting in the log circle, learning the forest rules and exploring their surroundings. They enjoy pond dipping, learning how to make camp fires and mud bathing! Through play, they learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others.