The Flourish Programme

At Edge Grove we recognise the link between wellbeing and performance, personally or academically, that when enjoying a state of wellbeing individuals are more likely to achieve their potential.

Whilst we can support young people to be happy and healthy they have the best chance of being able to stay so if they learn how to take responsibility for the own wellbeing.

An essential part of wellbeing is empowerment and fostering a positive mindset. To this end our Flourish Programme enables pupils to learn about, engage with, and experience key elements of wellbeing to assist the development of skills that will enable them to think about and look after their own wellbeing, for life.

Our focus:

Be active

Participate in mental and physical activity and try new things

Connect and engage

Build positive relationships and develop a sense of belonging and satisfaction


Enjoy showing and receiving thanks


Set goals for motivation, resourcefulness and forward movement

The world

Be responsible – locally and globally

Keep learning

Keep learning to boost social interaction, increase self-esteem and feelings of self-worth and competency


Be kind to others, be kind to yourself – participate in activities that benefit others

Take notice

Be aware of surroundings, actions, thoughts, and feelings and appreciate and take notice of what goes on around us

Our aim:

  • To help pupils make the most of opportunities and deal with stressful situations
  • To increase interpersonal skills, empathy and communications skills through giving and seeing themselves as part of the school and wider community
  • To foster feelings of self-worth and support aspiration by encouraging pupils to take notice of what they are good at and what they have to offer others