Pastoral Care

Pupil Voice

At Edge Grove, we pride ourselves on being a listening school, where all our pupils have a voice; we value pupils’ views on every aspect of School life where possible. We want to nurture a culture where all children feel listened to, valued, respected and empowered. We are a community that values opinion, and that teaches pupils that, even when we disagree with each other, every opinion is valid and merits being heard.

Pupil Voice is a powerful tool within a school like Edge Grove, and we imbue pupils with the confidence to speak out whilst at the same time helping them to learn that they should also listen to the voices of other children.

Pupil Committees

Our Pupil Committees, including our Food Committee and our Neurodiversity Champions, bring groups together to feed into decision-making; including improvements and areas of focus. These groups hold regular meetings with relevant school staff and feedback the wider pupil voice from the School.

Children raise concerns or topics for discussion and collectively feel empowered to make change for the benefit of the whole School.

Food Committee

Food is very important to us at Edge Grove and our pupils have a wide range of tastes and experiences to share.

We wanted to give our pupils a platform to share their thoughts and create an ongoing feedback loop with the Catering team, Holroyd Howe. And so our Fabulous Food Committee was created!

The Committee meetings are held each term and the pupils meet together with the Deputy Head (Pastoral) and the Holroyd Howe Catering Manager. They are given the opportunity to discuss past and present menu choices; alternative ingredients, such as plant-based options; and provide candid feedback on the School dining experience.

The meetings help Holroyd Howe improve the dining programme, responding to the needs of our community, and the meetings offer a chance for pupils to experience how a committee is run, complete with canvassing the thoughts and feelings of their peers and dividing up roles and responsibilities.

Neurodiversity Champions

The Edge Grove Neurodiversity Champions are team of pupils from a number of year groups across the School, who all expressed a desire to be part of the team and promote the understanding, inclusion and celebration of neurodivergent individuals.

Deputy Head (Pastoral), Marion Wright, through her work with the staff and parent EDI Committee, recognised the need for a dedicated community to ensure that decisions regarding neurodiversity were made with the voices of neurodiverse pupils at the forefront.  The team meets regularly to discuss how to raise awareness and champion whole-school inclusion.

"Pupils demonstrate an openness and understanding about sharing thoughts and ideas and they leave school confident, articulate and very well prepared for the next stage in their education."

ISI Inspection Report 2023

"Older pupils deal maturely when contributing to others in the school and take positions of responsibility seriously, such as prefect, digital leaders or "Ignite Fellow"."

ISI Inspection Report 2023

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