Why Choose Edge Grove?

So, why choose Edge Grove, in an area of many outstanding independent and state prep and primary schools?

Edge Grove pupils are independent, resilient, have an adventurous spirit, good manners and respect for others. We suit parents who value a school which offers academic excellence plus inclusive sport, music drama and technology alongside a genuine commitment to our School Values.

Creativity is at the core of everything we do, encouraging children to understand themselves, discover and explore their unique qualities and grow in confidence and self-worth. Whether it is getting their hands dirty in Forest School, in the Art Studio creating a masterpiece, or on the sports field, making their own history, Edge Grove children acquire qualities that will form their character and personalities.

Edge Grove is both truly unique in the local area and forward-thinking in its ethos.  Read on for more reasons why Edge Grove should be on your list of schools to visit:

Why Us?

Independent Independence

Edge Grove is an independent school, in more than “just” the obvious way.

We are independent from an attached or affiliated senior school, independent from belonging to a larger group of schools, and independent from any links whereby our children move on to only a small number of senior schools.  Independence in this sense means that we can be impartial in our advice about senior schools as well as in how we approach many facets of school life.


Proudly Coeducational

Edge Grove has been a coeducational school for 30 years, proudly providing equal opportunities in the classroom, on the sports field and beyond.   Whilst many single sex schools may say that their model is “best”, at Edge Grove we are resolute in saying that the prep school years are best spent in a coeducational environment.

It can be no coincidence that in recent times, a number of previously single sex schools have changed their admissions criteria to accept the other gender.  But it takes time to get coeducation “right”, and we think 30 years of experience means that we have!

Read more about coeducation

Family friendly and welcoming

Edge Grove is well known for its friendly and welcoming community feel, and the Friends of Edge Grove (our Parents’ Association) organises regular social events for our families. Our sports and performing arts events are always well-attended by families keen to support their own and others’ children as they showcase their many and diverse talents.

Many Edge Grove families are very busy juggling the competing demands of home and school; to make life easier for busy families, we offer several Wrap Around care options, including an optional Breakfast Club from 0730, and After School Care and Activities, until 1800 (Nursery to Year 2) and 1730 (Year 3 to 8).

Holiday Camps are also available at the School, via our key partner, Keen Beans Sport

We also offer a morning school transport service from local towns, aiding parents needing to get to work earlier than the school run may allow, and also providing a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to everyone travelling by car.

A Supportive Environment

Edge Grove offers a nurturing, supportive and fun environment where children feel encouraged to explore their interests, develop their talents, and grow both academically and personally.

Pastoral Care is central to life at Edge Grove, and pupils benefit from an extensive support network, which incorporates Form Teachers, Heads of Department, School Nursing Team, School Therapist, and the Deputy Head Pastoral.

Diverse Opportunities

Edge Grove provides a wide range of co-curricular activities, clubs, and sports, allowing children to discover their passions, hone their skills – and have fun – beyond the classroom.

More than 20 music groups practise each week, there are opportunities for EVERY child to perform on stage each year, and each and every child is exposed to more than 20 different sports during their time at Edge Grove.  All pupils from Year 3 upwards will compete for the School and for their House, and choose from over 40 cocurricular clubs.

Every child will go on a day school trip every year, and from Year 4, we offer a number of residential trips, as well as multiple enrichment events within School.

Community and Values

Edge Grove has a well embedded programme of School Values and pupils enjoy friendship and fun, promote kindness, living and growing in alignment with the these self-elected 16 core Values.

These values are embedded in School life, and equip pupils with skills they need to be successful, happy and respected both now and in their futures.

First-class, inspirational teaching staff

Edge Grove has dedicated and qualified teachers who are passionate about delivered a prep school curriculum, and committed to helping pupils succeed.

Edge Grove’s reputation as a successful academic prep school means that we attract the very best teachers.

Our teaching staff include IAPS regional lead teachers (for Science, English and EDI), and  national sportspeople (a member of our Sports Department previously played rugby for Wales).

Our teachers employ innovative and dynamic methods, and are ambitious for our pupils, enabling them to fulfil their potential and in many cases, exceed their own expectations.

Extensive green site with outstanding facilities

Edge Grove has up-to-date facilities and resources offering enhanced learning experiences, set within a stunning 44 acres of green space.

With extensive sports facilities, new science labs, a theatre with tiered seating and a dedicated space for Learning Support, Edge Grove has some of the best facilities of any prep school in the UK.

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Outstanding record for senior school places and scholarships

Edge Grove has an enviable track record of success in relation to senior school destinations.  How staff support and prepare children for their next school is second to none; we ensure that every child is in the best position to gain a place at the senior school is RIGHT for them

In 2023 40 scholarships were offered to Year 6 and Year 8 pupils.

Pupils move on to a wide range of senior schools including St Albans’ School, St Albans’ High School for Girls, Haberdashers’ Boys’ School, Haberdashers’ Girls School, Merchant Taylors’, Aldenham, Berkhamsted, Queenswood, Eton, Wycombe Abbey and Harrow

Innovative and future-focused curriculum

We strive to adapt to ensure that our curriculum is at the leading edge of education and prepares our pupils for the future.

"We will always be appreciative of the nurturing environment of Edge Grove and for setting our daughter on course for her development into a young person we can all be proud of."

Parent 2024

"Our son has been at the school since Nursery and has thrived in the vibrant community that the school offers. We have also developed some wonderful relationships with the teachers and parents and will miss the school and everyone connected with it dearly."

Parent 2024

“It’s one of the most – if not the most – culturally diverse schools in the area. The way that pupils recognise and celebrate diversity was highlighted as one of the Key Findings in the recent (2023) ISI report."

Muddy Stilettos 2023

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