About our Academic Provision

Our educational philosophy encourages happy, motivated, articulate and intellectually curious children to learn because they want to learn, make the most of every opportunity presented to them and learn educational resilience.

At Edge Grove, we believe our dynamic and challenging curriculum, delivered by passionate and talented teaching staff, really does give our children an academic and co-curricular edge over their peers elsewhere. We have created and embedded an academic and co-curriculum that is both traditional yet fun, and which prepares our pupils for life at their Senior School, whether they leave us at the end of Year 6 or Year 8.

It goes without saying that we have high academic aspiration for all our children, but our curriculum goes far beyond that offered by most other prep schools.

Your child will benefit from learning in exceptional facilities, from dedicated staff and specialist subject teachers who consistently go above and beyond. Learning takes place in a variety of ways: collaborative learning and individual, exploration and research; to break down subject boundaries and to acquire a mix of knowledge and skills.

  • All Edge Grove Nursery children benefit weekly from specialist teaching in Performing Arts, Modern Foreign Languages, PE, and Forest School, as well as having weekly Story Time with Mr Balfour;
  • Children in our Junior Department have weekly specialist teaching in Performing Arts, PE, Modern Foreign Languages, and visit our Forest School;
  • From Year 3 children receive further specialist teaching, notably in additional sport, Art, Design & Technology, Computing and PSHE;
  • From Year 5, children progress to a fully developed specialist teaching programme, with a subject specialist teacher for EVERY lesson – a way to help our children prepare for senior school and get used to moving around the School between lessons;
  • In Year 7 and 8, in addition to specialist lessons in every subject, pupils also learn Food Technology.

Specialist staff work with Form Teachers of pupils from Nursery to Year 5 to design an appropriate scheme of work. The link to the Form Teacher is always maintained so that the care and progress of each child is followed closely even when other staff are teaching the majority of subjects.

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