You will see from our table of Leavers’ Destinations that our pupils move on to a variety of schools after Edge Grove. Most go on to top local independent day schools, others go on to boarding schools, local grammar and other selective state schools.

The wide range of destination schools proves that one size does not fit all. We work closely with families to understand their aspirations and to help them navigate the Future Schools’ process. Amongst the numerous things to consider, families will think about their own values and the types of schools they want their child to attend as well as their child’s interests, abilities and character. 

When your child joins Edge Grove, you may have a destination school in mind but we encourage all parents to be open minded as so much can change between then and when your child is ready to take their next steps to senior school. 

Whatever stage your child and family are at, we are always available to help parents through this often complex process with valuable advice based on their unique set of circumstances. 

Below is a list of schools to which our pupils have transferred in the last five years at Year 6 and Year 8. If you would like any further information please contact Jo Leighton, Senior Deputy Head and Head of Future Schools, on 01923 855724.