Food is VERY important at Edge Grove, and our school meals are provided by our School Caterer, Holroyd Howe.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy eating policy and we work in partnership with Holroyd Howe to achieve this; the School Kitchen produces quality meals using the finest locally sourced produce available – they do this because fresh, seasonal food tastes better, is more nutritious and offers better value thus promoting the wellbeing of our pupils and staff.

As pupils develop, our role is to ensure they get sufficient carbohydrates, protein and all the necessary nutrients to support them in their academic and sporting activities. Holroyd Howe recognises that a good diet enhances the power of concentration and performance.

All meals are served in the Dining Hall and we aim to ensure everyone has an enjoyable eating experience – we offer a range of hot and cold menu choices at every meal from cooked breakfasts available from 0730 to a full salad bar and a range of hot choices (including a plant-based option) at lunch.

You can see a sample weekly lunch menu here:

Food Committee

Edge Grove pupils have a wide range of tastes and experiences to share. From the beloved home cooking they experience in their families to current tastes and trends in restaurants; made to order stations; and fresh, convenient grab-and-go options. We wanted to give our pupils a platform to share their thoughts and create an ongoing feedback loop with the catering team, Holroyd Howe. And so our Fabulous Food Committee was created!
The Committee meetings are held each term and the pupils meet together with the Deputy Head (Pastoral) and the Holroyd Howe Catering Manager. They are given the opportunity to discuss past and present menu choices; alternative ingredients, such as plant-based options; and provide candid feedback on the School dining experience.
The Food Committee is an integral part of our Pupil Voice programme and an opportunity for our pupils to feel heard and to be part of whole-school decision making.
The meetings help Holroyd Howe improve the dining programme responding to the needs of our community, and the meetings offer a chance for pupils to experience how a committee is run, complete with canvassing the thoughts and feelings of their peers and dividing up roles and responsibilities.


Dining Hall Helpers

One initiative to come from our Food Committee meetings are our Dining Hall Helpers.

These are pupils on the Food Committee who have asked for additional responsibilities regarding ensuring their peers are:

  • Following a healthy diet;
  • Drinking enough water;
  • Clearing their plates and not making a mess;
  • Showing good table manners.

They are identifiable to pupils in the Dining Hall by their distinctive red aprons.

Food Facts


Eggs cooked each week


Satsumas eaten each week


Bananas eaten each week


Baked beans eaten each week


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