Year 3 (7+) is a key entry point at Edge Grove as pupils enter our Middle Department.

Year 3 entry:

Please contact Admissions on or 01923 855 724 if you’re interested in a place for your child in Year 3.

After speaking to the Admissions team, you will need to register with Edge Grove which involves completing our registration form and paying the £100 registration fee.

You can download the Edge Grove Registration Form here: Edge Grove Registration Form

Please complete the form and post or email it to the Admissions department. The non-refundable £100 registration fee can be paid bank transfer and bank details are on the bottom of the registration form.

At the 7+ Assessment children spend a day at Edge Grove completing an online assessment and participating in group activities. We will also review the child’s latest school report and ask their current school for confidential feedback.

Click here to find out more about Years 3 to 6 at Edge Grove.

You can also complete the form below to express your interest in Edge Grove and the Admissions department will be in touch soon: