The Edge Grove Art Department’s vision is to spread the passion of the creative industry, to create an exciting creative and contemporary educational experience. seeking to inspire new thinkers and innovators for jobs that do not yet exist.

We believe art is for all and all pupils’ work should be exhibited regardless of ability. Art is an important tool for building self expression and self confidence and opening the pupils’ minds up to the world around them and following the “Roar” school ethos.

All students have the right to experience a creative journey of discovery, experiment and personal response.

The Art Department strives to help all pupils develop their personal life skills and knowledge of culture, through researching, responding, analysing, designing, making and evaluating in which they are assessed.

The Art Department is passionate about bringing industry into the classroom setting and always goes the extra mile for students, with visual effect artists, illustrators, fine artists, photographers to animators, sharing videos of their best practice and top tips directly to students through videos.

Edge Grove Art Department takes part in lots of regional and international competitions and encourages all forms of creativity both historic and contemporary.

The Department runs a thriving Art Scholarship scheme for students working at GCSE/A Level art level and has an extremely high success rate at preparing students for Art scholarships post 13.