Edge Grove is a leading UK prep school for boys and girls aged 3-13. Whatever their abilities, gender, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, all pupils develop Integrity, Independence and Inspiration.


Pupils feel healthy, safe, happy and proud to belong and be a unique part of the Edge Grove community. They enjoy friendship and fun, promote kindness, living and growing in alignment with the following self-elected 16 core Values:

Confidence Unity Creativity Kindness
Passion Responsibility Integrity Respect
Determination Risk-taking Trust Humility
Diversity Sportsmanship Empathy Tolerance


Pupils develop, through child-centred active learning, intellectual, physical and spiritual confidence and independence, self-motivation and agency across a broad range of academic, co-curricular and pastoral activities and experiences. They ask and answer questions, develop curiosity, a Growth Mindset, passion and entrepreneurship.


Pupils hone the following transferable, lifelong World Economic Forum skills for future success and personal fulfilment:

1. Analytical thinking and innovation 6. Creativity, originality and initiative
2. Active learning and learning strategies 7. Leadership and social influence
3. Complex problem-solving 8. Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation
4. Critical thinking and analysis 9. Emotional intelligence
5. Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility 10. Technology design and programming

You can view the full Mission here: Welcome To The Pride! MISSION