Nursery Entry

Nursery Entry, along with Reception Entry, is the largest entry point to Edge Grove.  Depending on your child’s date of birth and their readiness for our Nursery, which is not a day care nursery but operates more as a pre school, they may spend anything between three and six terms with us, generally starting in either September, January or April although we may be able to accommodate start dates at other times of the year if needed.

Once you have visited the Nursery (either at an Open Day or individual visit) and registered your child, s/he will either either be invited to a group or individual assessment, depending on the time of year.  Given your child is so young, please be reassured that this assessment is low key and designed to help us determine if Edge Grove Nursery, and after that Reception at Edge Grove, is the right setting for your child. During a short visit to our Nursery, your child will spend time with our current Nursery pupils, and our experienced Early Years staff will gently assess them against age-appropriate goals.

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