June 11, 2024

By Ian Kay, Assistant Head - Digital Development


LanSchool is a classroom management tool that teachers use to enhance the learning
environment in the digital age. It allows teachers to monitor and manage pupils’
computer activity in real-time on school premises and during school hours. With
LanSchool, teachers can see what each pupil is working on, share their screen,
control internet access, and even blank screens to regain pupils’ attention when
needed. It is designed to help teachers keep pupils focused during computer-based
activities, ensuring a productive and controlled learning experience.


Smoothwall is part of a comprehensive internet security system used by the School
to ensure a safe and controlled online environment for pupils. The system acts as an
intermediary between the pupil devices and the internet, helping to filter and monitor
internet traffic. Smoothwall allows the School to regulate access to certain websites,
ensuring that pupils can browse the internet safely and securely. This technology is an
essential tool in maintaining a positive online learning environment, helping to protect
pupils from inappropriate content and ensuring that educational resources are used
effectively. Smoothwall operates at all times on pupil Chromebooks

Smoothwall Monitor

Smoothwall Monitor is a safeguarding tool which is active any time a pupil is logged in
to their Edge Grove account. It monitors usage for search terms and keywords typed
into documents and webpages for inappropriate or harmful content. In cases where
the system perceives the safety of the pupil to be at risk, it will automatically notify the
safeguarding team.

Online Safety in the Curriculum

Online safety is of paramount importance for school children. Pupils are taught
during their computing and PSHE lessons the importance of online safety. Key important
ideas for staying safe online include keeping your information, identity and reputation safe.
Pupils receive lessons at an age appropriate level throughout their time at school in line with government guidelines.

Topics include:

What positive, healthy and respectful online relationships look like

  • The effects of their online actions on others
  • How to recognise and display respectful behaviour online
  • How to use technology safely, responsibly, respectfully and securely
  • Where to go for help and support when they have concerns about content or contact on the internet or other online technologies
  • Freedom of speech
  • The role and responsibility of the media in informing and shaping public opinion
  • The concept of democracy, freedom, rights, and responsibilities.