Design & Technology

Design & Technology at Edge Grove ignites pupils’ passion and creativity through a curriculum that covers Product Design, Textiles, and Food Technology.

Design & Technology at Edge Grove is an integral part of our enriching co-curricular subjects. We cultivate a dynamic learning environment for pupils from Year 3 to Year 8, where they embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and skill development, laying the foundations for their future school endeavours. Design & Technology ignites pupils’ passion and creativity through a curriculum that covers Product Design, Textiles, and Food Technology.

Through hands-on projects and interactive learning, our pupils gain practical expertise while honing their leadership abilities. Pupils are encouraged to explore the boundaries of their creativity through the iterative design process and develop their confidence in the safe use of tools, machines, equipment, and materials. They learn to tackle real-world challenges, developing problem-solving skills that are invaluable in their everyday lives. Moreover, we encourage forward thinking, teaching our pupils to anticipate trends and embrace new technologies with confidence. In the ever-evolving field of Design & Technology, these skills are paramount.

At Edge Grove, we believe in nurturing young minds, guiding them towards becoming proficient designers and technologists. Through engaging and interactive learning experiences, we inspire our students to explore their creative potential and develop practical skills that are essential for the future. We celebrate risk-takers—those who dare to push boundaries and think outside the box. Our pupils are encouraged to explore uncharted territories, fostering a spirit of innovation and resilience.

The D&T Scholarship activity and D&T club at the school are excellent platforms for D&T scholars, Ignite fellows and D&T enthusiasts to expand their knowledge and develop their technical skills beyond the classroom. Our curriculum incorporates GCSE content and links to parts of A Level, challenging pupils to think critically and become independent learners, whilst also learning to communicate design ideas effectively. The practical approach fosters a deeper understanding of D&T and inspires pupils to become successful designers and engineers in the future.

We instil the values of integrity, inspiration, and independence in every aspect of our teaching and learning approach. Through the world of Design & Technology, each pupil is encouraged to unleash their imagination, embrace challenges, and build on strong principles for a successful academic journey ahead.


"Our son is really enjoying D&T and it's great when he comes home excited about they are learning"

Current Parent

"I always look forward to my D&T lesson every week and getting to design and make my own project that I get to take home and use"

Current Pupil