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Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for some frequently asked questions about Edge Grove Nursery

Where is Edge Grove Nursery?

Edge Grove Nursery is located in Aldenham,Village (opposite Aldenham Golf Club) and just a short drive from the main school site.

Do Nursery children wear uniform?

Yes, Edge Grove Nursery children have a simple uniform comprising a comfortable track suit (or shorts in warmer weather) and a polo shirt.  The Nursery Uniform is available from our School Uniform Supplier, Stevensons, who have a shop in St Albans, and it can also be bought online.  We also have a well-stocked and very reasonably priced Second Hand Uniform Shop located on the main school site that is open every Wednesday in term time from 0830-0930, and on selected dates in the school holidays.

What is the structure of the Nursery Day?
What do Nursery children eat, and where do they eat?

Nursery children who stay will us for lunch eat at the Nursery.  The food is exactly the same as that which is served to older children in the School, cooked in the main school kitchens by our school caterers, Holroyd Howe.  You can find out more about our school meals here

Can I use childcare vouchers?

Child care vouchers can be used

Will my child automatically move up to Reception at Edge Grove

A place in our Nursery does not guarantee an automatic place in Edge Grove Reception, although the vast majority of Nursery children do move up to Reception.  Nursery children do not sit the same 4+ assessment as those coming from external nurseries, as our Early Years staff are already familiar with the children and able to make a judgement as to whether Reception at Edge Grove is the right setting for them.

Is there any wraparound care for Edge Grove Nursery pupils|?

Yes! From September 2024, wraparound care is available at our Nursery until 1800 every day.

We also work with Keen Beans Camps to provide Holiday Camps for children from age 3 in all School Holidays.  For more information about Keen Beans, please visit their website here

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