Welcome to the Senior Department

Welcome to the Senior Department at Edge Grove, where you child will benefit from a child-centred focus in which each child has the opportunity to develop integrity and inspire each other as well as future generations.

We recognise the importance of nurturing your child’s pastoral and academic needs whilst supporting the next steps in independence and exploration. Our talented and dedicated Senior staff place the happiness, safety, health and emotional wellbeing of every child at the centre of all they do and they deliver well-paced, varied and exciting lessons to enable every child to reach his or her full potential.

Our oldest pupils feel a sense of achievement and privilege in reaching the Senior Department.

In the Senior Department, the academic and cocurricular curriculum remains diverse, challenging and entertaining but simultaneously prepares pupils appropriately for their 13+ examinations and scholarships.

Alongside the academic curriculum, we focus on other key areas, notably:

Academic Curiosity
Charitable Giving
Future Aspirations
Global Understanding
Presentation and Oracy
Service to the School
Teamwork and Collaboration

These are assessed via the Edge Grove Diploma.

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At the end of their time at Edge Grove our Year 8 pupils are socially and academically prepared for the transition to their chosen senior schools, feeling confident that they have been well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

This school has really shaped my perspective, and I will miss all of the teachers when I leave. I will treasure all of the memories I have made during my five years here. In September, I will go to Eton knowing that my resilience and determination have paid off, and I will take my memories and friendships with me.

Kamil, Head Boy 2023-24

he teachers of this School helped give me confidence and a sense of pride in who I am: a unique person, just like all of you. No one at this School ever doubts you; in fact, I was only at this School for one year, where I was given so many opportunities to shine and be myself

Aayan, Head Boy 2023-24

Preparation for Senior Schools

We fully prepare pupils for senior school entrance assessments; depending on the school(s) you and your child have chosen to apply to, the timing of these may vary, with some assessments sat in Years 6, and others in Year 7 or 8. Preparation for this begins in earnest in Year 5.

The process of choosing your child’s senior school can be complicated and worrying for any parent. Throughout the whole process, the most important thing is to bear in mind what your child is like, and the kind of school that will be RIGHT for them.

But please remember, your are not doing this alone; the School will offer you and your child a variety of workshops and one-to-one consultations throughout the whole process, to make sure that you all understand the process, how this varies from school to school, and your child can best prepare for the differing kinds of assessment.

Preparation For Senior Schools

We advise parents to visit plenty of schools, and don’t be afraid to ask questions while you are there. If you are looking at a highly selective school, ask what they require and listen to advice and opinions; if you are more interested in the cocurricular offerings, ask to see facilities and ask how often pupils of different ages are given the opportunity to access them; if you are considering boarding, make sure you see the boarding house and ask questions about exeat weekends, midweek events etc.

Destination of Leavers

Edge Grove 11+ and 13+ leavers move on to a large number of schools – local and national, day and boarding, independent and state.  What matters to us is that they move on to the school that is RIGHT for them.  Click on the button below to see where our children have moved onto from Edge Grove in recent years…

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