We are delighted to announce that Esmé, who was shortlisted for the National Non-Fiction November 2022 competition earlier this month, has since been crowned the winner of the age 8-10 ‘Animals’ category.

Participants were asked to research an animal or historic figure and present their findings in an illustrated Q and A interview. Her illustrated Q and A titled ‘Interview with Leopard’, was selected as the winning piece.

Mrs Broadis, Head of English, interviewed Esmé after her fantastic win was announced:

What motivated you to enter the competition, which was, after all, only voluntary?

I wanted to enter the competition because I love art and knew I would enjoy the illustrating side. Also, I thought it would be interesting to imagine how an animal would answer questions. 

Can you tell us about how you planned your research and writing?  Where did you start and how did your work unfold?

First, I decided which animal to interview and chose a leopard. Then I researched the skills, habitat and various facts about leopards so it would be interesting. I typed everything up on my computer so I could easily edit it and I ordered the questions so that it flowed like a conversation. Then I printed it off so I could illustrate it.

What influenced your choice of personality for ‘Leopard’, who is such an entertaining character?

I thought a leopard would be a friendly and confident character because, while I was researching it, I realised leopards have many skills and talents and would be proud animals. Since leopards are carnivores I also thought that they wouldn’t be scared or timid.

What has the experience of being a winner in the competition taught you?

I think that winning shows that if you try hard enough then you can achieve things. 

What would you say to Edge Grove children who see competitions advertised? 

I think you should take part because even if you don’t win, it is still a great experience and opportunity to try something new. I had fun researching, writing and drawing!

You can see a copy of Esmé’s fantastic piece of work below. Well done Esmé!