Further to the Head’s recent senior school assessment celebrations, I am delighted to report even more academic, art, music, drama and sport scholarship success! We have soared past the 18 total of last year up to 26…so far!  More outcomes are still due.  A big thank you to everyone that has contributed to finessing each child’s individual talents to enable them to be so successful. These are the result of our pupils’ raw talents, yes, but also their sheer determination to reach for excellence across a wide range of educational activities in, after and out of School and supported by our talented staff.

Major contributors to this success have been the Ignite Academic Programme, our very own High Performance Academy led by our international rugby star Miss Evans, Art masterclasses run by Ms Harkin, DT club with Miss Ni’Man, Drama rehearsals for Matilda with Miss Neale and Miss Saville and Music ensembles led by Mr Leutfeld and his talented team of professional musicians.

Pity the poor souls in other schools, whose curriculum has been reduced to verbal and non-verbal reasoning and Maths, when our pupils have so evidently had the chance to spread their wings and discover their innate talents. 

The staff are extremely proud of the range of scholarships that they have won.  

Congratulations to all our pupils for the hard work and dedication that has resulted in these impressive achievements!

Year 8

Rex A St. Margaret’s Sport
Albert M Berkhamsted Drama
Shona M St. Margaret’s Academic
Lir O’C St. Margaret’s Sport
Ben S-G St. Margaret’s STEM
Luke M St. Margaret’s  Sport
Nefe O Aldenham Sport

Year 6

Annabelle B Queenswood
Sophie G Berkhamsted
St. Margaret’s
Samuel LPDW St. Margaret’s STEM
Emily M St. Margaret’s



Jannah M RMS Academic
Ophelia P-B Queenswood Sport
Elinor P St. Margaret’s Sport
Amelie S St. Margaret’s Drama
Khushi S Queenswood
Sofia P Dame Alice Owens
Francis Holland
Devan G St Albans School Academic
Phoebe B Aldenham Sport

We wish Niky B the best of luck in the final stage of the prestigious Harrow Academic Scholarship.  Niky is receiving in-School personalised support to help prepare for this extremely competitive and challenging exam – could you tackle the

I look forward to updating you with more awards in the coming weeks!

A very proud, 

Miss Leighton
Senior Deputy Head