Did you know that 73% of the world’s population does not speak English as their first language? In an increasingly multicultural society, languages play a more prominent role in our everyday lives and have become vital to the success of business throughout Europe and across the globe. We aim to motivate all our students by providing them with the tools and the opportunity to communicate with speakers of French nations. We want them to enjoy language learning. We equip them with up-to-date linguistic knowledge and skills to cultivate really positive attitudes towards diversity in other nationalities and cultures.

Within the classroom our aim is to inject a great deal of fun into learning languages and, more importantly, to bring them to life. Many songs are sung, games are played and confidence in speaking is fuelled through role-play activities, class surveys and conversations.

Pupils are also made to think outside of the four walls of the classroom and about the country of the language that they are studying. School trips, use of authentic materials and contact with native speakers are incorporated into the curriculum with the intent of giving languages a sense of purpose and reality.

Pre Prep

French is introduced in Year 1 and is taught with a lively oral approach. The aim is to provide a fun introduction to language learning and to promote awareness of the culture of France. Pupils are taught the basics of French through songs and play using a mixture of audio and visual materials, such as popular nursery rhymes, themed picture story books and a variety of games.

Lower School

The children learn to read and write in French, as well as continuing to expand their speaking and listening skills. Whilst maintaining the fun of the subject, they establish a soundly structured framework of elementary grammar and practise transferable language learning skills. Pupils also start to produce more written work. They are taught with a variety of audio-visual methods using songs, games, ipads, computer technology and Interactive whiteboards, as well as traditional teaching methods.

Upper School

In Years 5 to 8 pupils follow the KS3 Studio programme working through books 1-3. Pupils have access to ipads, French apps, Active Learn activities to support all four language learning skills.

The four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing are accorded equal importance in line with National Curriculum & Common Entrance & Scholarship level. Skills are regularly practised and assessed through a mixture of assignments (classwork/homework/unit tests/formal exams) from Year 5 onwards.

A Scholarship Set is offered by the school in Year 8 and this allows thorough preparation in small tutorial sets for 13+ exams. Our Year 8’s have a command of past, present and future tenses and can express themselves more fully and freely. The syllabus is finished in good time to focus on past papers and examination technique. Pupils sit Entrance and Scholarship exams to a range of academically selective independent schools. Results at 13+ have been consistently very good with many A* and A grades achieved.


There have been several trips to France over recent years which have all been successful and popular amongst pupils and staff!  Our visits abroad aim to give pupils exposure to life in a different country through cultural and educational activities. The main focus of any trip to France is to encourage pupils to practise their French with the locals … bien sûr! By Year 7 pupils learn to express themselves more fully and use the language for real on residential French Trips, absorbing the cultural differences and trying out their spoken French in the market and shops.

In addition to teaching French, we run Spanish, Italian and Mandarin Clubs as part of the Activities Programme, providing the opportunity for pupils to learn about another language and its culture in a fun and relaxed environment. Basic expressions and key vocabulary are taught through plenty of speaking activities, use of visual stimuli, games and songs.