Ignite is the name pupils at Edge Grove have chosen for our programme of teaching, learning and enrichment for our most able pupils.

At Edge Grove, we believe that a child’s enrichment should be personalised, develop independence and run alongside their regular academic learning. To this end Ignite is primarily a partnership between us, the parents and the child themselves. This triangulation not only ensures a creative and purposeful addition to a child’s learning but also that it empowers and enriches their character, preparing them for the challenges of senior school and beyond.

Like most schools, Edge Grove keeps a register of children commonly referred to as ‘gifted, able and talented’. To reflect the dynamic nature of children’s learning and progress we are constantly updating this list of our most able pupils.  We use many methods to identify our most able including:

  • Standardised testing
  • Conversations with pupils, teachers and parents
  • The award of 11+ scholarships
  • Observation
  • Aspiration

The Ignite Coordinator is responsible for keeping this register up to date and reviews it half termly, liaising with staff in all departments to ensure that our high expectations for the most able are met every day.

Every teacher at Edge Grove is aware of the most able children in their classes and carefully differentiates their teaching to ensure that the most able are challenged in every lesson. Alongside this, our programme of co-curricular activities is designed to provide additional development. These include:

  • Ignite Art, Drama, Science, Gadgeteering
  • Elite sports coaching
  • The Ignite Fellowship
  • Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Vox 15
  • Entry into national academic, sporting and creative arts competitions