We aim to fully prepare children for their most appropriate academic step into senior school, be that 11+ and entrance tests during Year 6, or school entrance exams plus the Common Entrance examinations during Year 8.

The process of choosing your child’s senior school can be complicated and worrying for any parent. Throughout the whole process, the most important thing is to bear in mind what your child is like. We offer advice through the whole process and parents can meet and discuss with staff and share ideas about which schools to consider.

We advise parents to visit plenty of schools, and don’t be afraid to ask questions while you are there. If you are looking at a highly selective school, ask what they require and listen to advice and opinions.

Preparing for 11+

Children who are preparing for 11+ exams are guided and prepared at Edge Grove from Year 3 onwards so that they are ready for their transfer to a new school in Year 7.

11+ preparation begins in detail in Year 5 as we are aware that some of our pupils each year will be sitting 11+ exams. Some of our after school activities are specifically designed to address the need for additional help, in terms of extra maths and English. Our own school exams take place in the summer term and in-class assessments will take place throughout the year.

The autumn term in Year 6 is very academically focused. We are aware that some pupils each year will be sitting 11+ exams and of course many others will be sitting 13+ pre-tests. With this in mind 11+ preparation, begun in Year 5, is completed and any additional help in terms of exam technique, reasoning papers or interview practice is scheduled.

Pupils will have the opportunity to practise mock papers in school.  To assist with 11+ preparation, during the autumn term of year 6, there will be internal school exams in English, maths, science and French. End of year examinations in the core subjects takes place in summer. Humanities assessments will take place within normal classes around the same time.

Preparing for 13+

The autumn term in both Year 7 and Year 8 is very academically focused. Pupils are introduced to the Edge Grove Baccalaureate, an exciting and stimulating two year programme of study with its clear emphasis on communication, teamwork, leadership and critical thinking.

Common Entrance exams take place in the summer term of Year 8. Any Year 8 pupil holding a conditional offer of entry from their senior school will be expected to take Common Entrance at Edge Grove. At the start of Year 8, pupils are offered a pathway: scholarship, traditional or progressive.  This is so we can tailor your child’s education in their final year at Edge Grove in the most effective way possible. Depending on the senior school of choice, your child may either sit the CASE papers (scholarship pathway), the full set of Common Entrance exams (traditional pathway), or a reduced number of CE exams (progressive pathway).

Common Entrance papers are sent to your child’s prospective senior school to be marked and the results are passed on to us and we will issue a Common Entrance certificate. The senior schools will use this information for setting purposes.


We are very proud of our scholarship record and Edge Grove children regularly gain awards and scholarships to a variety of schools. Some pupils sit for academic scholarships and others for extra-curricular or all-rounder awards.  It is usual for us to approach parents if we feel their child may have the potential to be considered for an award in a particular area. If you are hoping to enter your child for an award it is important to discuss this at the earliest opportunity so that appropriate preparations can be made.